Welcome to Biblia Academy

Biblia Academy is an autonomous institution established for the promotion and development of religious thought and literature. The Greek word biblia, means ‘books,’ is an immortal name in the religious map of Kerala. Its website is a window to the theologically rich and religiously colorful world of Indian Christians.

History of Biblia Academy

Biblia Academy, founded in 1990 in the territory of the Diocese of Irinjalakuda by Maniparambil Anthony Jose (Father Jose Maniparampil), in the state of Kerala, India, is a voluntary ecclesiastical concern for promoting Christian values and treasures of other religions of the world.

Formerly known as Bible Commission, Biblia Academy was inaugurated by Bishop James Mar Pazhayattil in June 1990, and started functioning at Aloor Better Life Movement Center (BLM), but later shifted to its own new building on 23rd April 1999. It was further expanded to a new edifice, which was inaugurated by Archbishop Andrews Mar Thazhath and blessed by Bishop James Pazhayattil on 24th December 2008.

The word biblia is a transliteration of Greek word which means “books.” We believe that the three strongest instruments of imparting a civilization are literature, art and music. Therefore, biblia stands for all these, not merely books. We aim at a convergence of the admirable significance of all religious traditions such as Christian, Hindu, Muslim et cetera, yet keeping the unique and sublime Christian identify.

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